Make a Plan to Show up When it Matters the Most

  • Week of July 29, 2018
“Showing up is 80% of life” - Woody Allen

Good job everyone who committed hours to our Last Weekend partnership with Swing Left! We reached 200K pledge hours.

But we are going to keep beating this drum until we get to 1 million pledged hours. There are 1 million reasons why the GOP needs to go, but only one finish line in November, midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6. The most effective way to drive turnout is to have personal conversations with people in the four days - the last weekend - before the election.  

All-of-us must show up when it matters most.

Here’s how:

1 Watch and share this video on Facebook about The Last Weekend or tweet this

2 Call or email a friend about setting aside time to canvass together during that last weekend, between Friday 11/ 2- and Monday 11/5. Sign up here.