Keep Promoting The Last Weekend Campaign

  • Week of August 4, 2018

Last weekend, we promoted Swing Left’s The Last Weekend campaign. This week, we will promote The Last Weekend. And (you guessed it) we will continue to promote The Last Weekend next week and every week until we hit our goal of 1 million hours pledged. Here’s why. The GOP will not hold Trump accountable for selling out our democracy to Russia. The only way to do that is to take the House back. So join the growing army of progressive groups who have partnered with Swing Left to launch the Last Weekend.

All-of-us must do everything we can to take the House back.

Here’s how:

1 Watch and share this video on Facebook about The Last Weekend or tweet this.

2 Call or email a friend about setting aside time to canvass together during that last weekend, between Friday 11/2 and Monday 11/5. Sign up here.