Celebrate Primary Wins in the Midwest and Keep It Going

  • Week of August 19, 2018

Tuesday was a big night of primaries in the Heartland leading up to November’s midterm elections. Democrats delivered groundbreaking primary victories for many preferred candidates, including a Muslim woman in Minnesota. Voters in Wisconsin nominated a top state education official, Tony Evers, to challenge Gov. Scott Walker, who is one of the most vulnerable high-profile Republicans of the midterms cycle (and who you might remember was none too popular with educators and state workers back in 2011).

In addition to being America’s Dairyland, the Midwest is home to 35 Flippable candidates running for state-level office in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. These historically blue states were devastating blows to Democrats in the 2016 election. Let’s make sure we bring them back where they belong - riding high with all-of-us on the blue wave - into 2018 midterms and beyond.

Here’s how:

Join the Flippable Fund to help candidates flip Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.