Resist Trump’s Cabinet Picks by Showing up to Your Senators’ Offices on Tuesday Jan 24th’s Day of Action

  • Week of January 22, 2017

The cabinet hearings last week uncovered soooooo many skeletons in Trump’s cabinet. Kudos to all who put pressure on Congress--it’s helping! This was a bipartisan effort. Let’s give props to a few Senators who showed leadership:

John McCain and Lindsey Graham, all-of-us appreciate your dogged determination to uncover the truth about the Russian hacking of our democratic process. 

Elizabeth Warren, we see you, too, asking Betsy DeVos the hard questions about her conflicts and qualifications.

Marco Rubio, you grilled Rex Tillerson on Russia’s hacking and Putin’s record on human rights. Although we wish you weren't voting to confirm Tillerson, we appreciate your tough line of questioning.

And Bernie, much love to you for continuing to defend health care as a human right in your tough questioning of Tom Price. 

Now, the Senate will begin voting on these picks. Trump may have more luck with the Senate than his immediate predecessors, and he has Democrats to thank. When they held the majority in 2013, they changed the rules so that executive-branch nominations are no longer subject to the 60-vote threshold to filibuster. That means Trump could win Senate approval of his entire Cabinet without a single Democratic vote. But there is a tiny glimmer of hope. Republicans have just a 52-48 majority, and three GOP defectors could join unified Democrats in thwarting a nominee. 

We have to show them how strong our wall-of-us really is. The very best way to do that is to show up in person this Tuesday, January 24th. We realize that many Americans have never done that before. That is why we are collaborating with our friends at Indivisible,, and Working Families. They are going to provide all-of-us with pointers for this day of action. Then we have to “show up, dive in, and stay at it.” President Obama’s Farewell Address (yep, we are quoting him again).

Here’s how:
1.  Show up to your Senator’s office anytime on Tuesday, January 24th to stop the swamp cabinet. Locate your senators’ physical office. They often have several local offices.

2. Use this resource on how to prepare and what to do. We culled this information from a call with, Indivisible, and Working Families Party, and almost 10,000 people across America. 

3. If you really can’t show up, then call your Senator and encourage them to resist cabinet picks.