Share The Last Weekend Campaign With Ten (Blue) Friends

  • Week of August 19, 2018

Trump’s big, beautiful wall will never get built, but the big, beautiful blue wave sure keeps growing! One reason is the awesome coordination and teamwork among the resistance groups that sprung up post-Trump. The Last Weekend Coalition is one of the best examples of that. Wall-of-Us has joined forces with Swing Left and dozens of other groups to try to reach 1 million hours of committed volunteer time in the four days before Election Day, and it’s resistance superpower at its finest. And don’t take it from us, the coalition launch was covered by major national media outlets including CNN, HuffPost, People, Glamour, McClatchy, Axios, and Rachel Maddow.

We are at over 300,000+ volunteer hours of time committed … but that’s still 700,000 or so hours short of our goal. Promises are promises and Wall-of-Us always keeps ours--so we will keep featuring this campaign until we reach 1 million hours pledged or election day has passed.

All-of-us must double down on our efforts to support The Last Weekend Campaign.

Here’s how:
Share The Last Weekend Campaign with at least ten Democrats.