Ask Other Companies to Follow Lyft and Do the Ride Thing

  • Week of September 3, 2018

As our readers know, Wall-of-Us believes in the power of companies to advance the public good. This week we are excited to say ”ride on for Lyft!” for teaming up with When We All Vote and National Voter Registration Day to help get the vote out in Election Day. Here’s what they’ve promised to do:

  • Remind Lyft passengers about voter registration deadlines using various social media and platform tools (e.g. push notifications)

  • Give drivers voter registration handouts and key voter information at Hub locations

  • Offer in-office voter registration for employees at Lyft offices

  • Offer comprehensive, online voter information through partner organizations

  • Encourage the Lyft community to make a plan in advance for Election Day, which has a proven impact on voter turnout rates.

Let’s spread the word about Lyft’s efforts, and ask other companies and our employers to follow closely behind Lyft and do the ride thing!

Here’s how:

1 Share this widely.

2 Ask your company, employer, organization, or the businesses you patron what commitments they are making to ensure that we GOTV. Share Lyft’s example for inspiration.