Ask Your Mayor to Join Mayors for Our Lives

  • Week of September 3, 2018

Over the past two years, Wall-of-Us has beat the local drum and emphasized the power that mayors have. Remember that unlike governors, mayors are overwhelmingly Democrats, and we need their superpower to fuel the blue wave. We’ve also emphasized the importance of getting the youth vote out as Millennials are now the largest voter-eligible generation in history. But there’s some bad news: as the Pew Research Center has determined, the youth vote is low in midterms:

Generation X, Millennials and the post-Millennial generation make up a clear majority of voting-eligible adults in the United States, but if past midterm election turnout patterns hold true, they are unlikely to cast the majority of votes this November. Not only are younger adults less likely to participate in midterm elections, but Millennials and Gen Xers have a track record of low turnout in midterms compared with older generations when they were the same age.

That’s where Mayors for Our Lives comes in. It’s an effort to ask mayors to assign staff to implement high school and college voter registration. Over 70 mayors have joined so far.

All-of-us must ensure that our mayors join this effort, too.

Here’s how:

1 Call your mayor’s office and ask them to join Mayors for Our Lives.

2 Call your local papers and ask for coverage of Mayors for Our Lives. Or write an op-ed!