Postpone the Vote for Judge Kavanaugh

  • Week of September 16, 2018

Professor Christine Blasey Ford has just gone public with allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. All of us who are #metoo victims know how hard it is to revisit and go public with past trauma. While Judge Kavanaugh has denied these allegations, and so far the publicly known facts are limited, these allegations warrant hitting the pause button on Judge Kavanaugh’s vote. As Linda Sarsour, head of the Women’s March, has said, “it will say a lot about our country and how it feels about women if this is let go.” We agree with Republican Senator Jeff Flake who said “For me, we can’t vote until we hear more.” While we don’t yet know enough, the Supreme Court is a sacred institution and all-of-us must preserve its integrity by postponing Judge Kavanaugh’s vote.

Here’s how:

Call your senators and ask them to postpone the vote on Judge Kavanaugh because of the recent accusations of assault.