Vote With Me

  • Week of September 23, 2018

Though there’s no quick fix for the mess we are in, we think we may have found the killer app for addressing one of the most important pain points - low voter turnout particularly during midterms. Less than 42% of voters turnout for 2014 midterms, which is pathetic. And historically Republicans have had a huge advantage over Democrats.

The VoteWithMe app, put together by an amazing team of entrepreneurs and civic technologists (the guys who fixed builds on the insight that friend-to-friend messages are over 20x more effective than canvassing or phone banking. Once you install the app, it matches your contact list against the voter file and tells you the voting history of your friends.  It allows you to filter your contacts on a variety of attributes, including what party they are registered under, what state/district they are registered in, whether they are in a competitive race, etc. With that information, you are encouraged to text people to remind them to register or vote.

All-of-us must work to drive midterm turnout in this fun, easy, and impactful way.

Here’s how:

1 Install VoteWitheMe and contact 5 friends that need a nudge.

2 Share VoteWithMe with 5 friends.