Mad as Hell and We’re Gonna Volunteer

  • Week of October 7, 2018

Girl, don’t go away mad; girl, just get out and volunteer.

We’re mad as hell and sad as hell, but we can’t give up now. We must flip Congress in November. If we take the House, we can provide a check on Trump’s executive power. If we take the Senate, we can stop a nomination like Kavanaugh's from happening again.

Don’t go away. Take your anger and channel it into fueling a mighty blue wave in November, ensuring that the Republican Party cannot continue to entrench their power at the expense of women.

Here’s how:

1 Sign up at Indivisible to volunteer to help get out the vote ahead of the midterms. They have phonebanks and textbanks each and every day for the next 32 days. Even if you sign up for just one shift, collectively we can have a massive impact on this election.

2 If you haven’t yet, join up to volunteer for