Demand That Members of Congress Fight Trump’s Muslim Ban

  • Week of January 29, 2017

He did it. On Friday, January 27, Donald Trump held a pen in his small hand and signed an executive order suspending entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days and indefinitely for refugees from Syria. For 90 days, it also bans entry into the United States by travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. If there was any doubt that this is a ban on Muslims, Trump publicly admitted that he would give Christians from those countries a de facto priority, which is religious discrimination on its face.
Like everything else Trump does, Trump’s “Muslim ban” was showmanship, not leadership. The implications of his action were not small. Permanent US residents who stood alongside our military in Iraq were detained. Thousands of others remain outside the country, unsure of what will come next.

Lawyers immediately came to the rescue.

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Legal organizations filed a writ of habeus corpus on Saturday, January 28th.

And here’s what happened.

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This is a victory, but only a temporary one. Our lawyer super heroes are continuing to fight, but we need our Members of Congress (MoCs) to join them.

On Saturday, Wall-of-Us sought advice from the experts at Indivisible Guide on a strategy aimed at MoCs. Remember, this strategy must be applied to the bluest of blue Democrats too. Trump’s executive order threatens who we are as Americans and all-of-us must demand bold leadership now. 

Here’s how:

1. Read up and stay current. 

2. Review this tracker to see where your MoC stands. If you have updated information please fill out this form. We will share this intel.

3. Show up in person, or call. Use this script, provided by Indivisible Guide. Our colleagues at Indivisible Guide are clear in their advice--we need ask Congress to halt all congressional activity and to withhold consent on all Senate business. This unconstitutional ban threatens who we are as Americans.

4. Post this action on social media and urge your friends to take action. #Indivisible  #WallofUs #withholdconsent #nojusticenobills