Use the Power of Your Pen

  • Week of October 15, 2018

Cutting down on screen time? Opted to lock yourself in your home until this whole nightmare is over? Too introverted to phonebank? Yeah, we get it. Thankfully, there is another super effective way to support the blue wave: writing letters and postcards. Studies have shown that handwritten appeals make a big difference, and that’s what Vote Forward is all about. In its first test in Alabama in 2017, Vote Forward found that voters who received a letter were almost 4% more likely to show up than those who didn’t. And with razor thin margins, every vote counts. Vote Forward identifies addresses in key districts, all you need to provide is the power of the pen and a stamp. All-of-us must write letters and seal them with a kiss (of death for the GOP).

P.S. - Please do this and share Vote Forward with friends and family!