Protect Voting Rights in Georgia

  • Week of October 22, 2018

All eyes are on Georgia this week, as early voting kicks off and Georgians climb over intentionally mounted barriers to cast their ballots in the highly contested governor’s race between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp. Some worry that Georgia wouldn’t be prepared to handle the 200+% increase in turnout expected this year due to the record number of new voters that have been registered across the state -- and it is becoming increasingly clear that the GOP has been actively trying to make that possibility a reality.

As the current Secretary of State, Brian Kemp oversees Georgia’s voting and voter registration rules. Despite the conflict of interest, he has refused to recuse himself and unsurprisingly appears to be using his position of power to shape Georgia’s electorate to his advantage and suppress voters of color. After cancelling registrations for hundreds of thousands of Georgians in 2017, he has now put over 53,000 new, disproportionately black voter registrations on hold just weeks ahead of the election, citing the state’s “exact match” verification process (a restrictive rule which places on hold voter registrations that do not precisely mirror the information contained in the state’s Department of Driver Services database or Social Security Administration information).

All-of-us must ensure that every Georgians vote be counted in November. Our democracy depends on it.

Here’s how:

1 Support the New Georgia Project who has been at the forefront of this fight in Georgia

2 Sign the Petition to demand that Brian Kemp recuse himself