Help Campaigns in Close Races Win

  • Week of October 21, 2018

Turns out good ‘ol word of mouth - the same thing that gets you to watch a movie or try a new restaurant - works for voting too. Friend to friend outreach is 20x more effective than any other type of voter outreach.

So after you’ve registered to vote, help encourage your friends who have the opportunity to vote in close races. Install VoteWithMe, an app that uses public information to find which friends are eligible to vote in close races and even provides a text template that you can use to reach out to them and make sure they vote. And if you’ve already installed VoteWithMe, see below about how you can use it to help close races win.

Here’s how:

1 Install VoteWithMe (iOS, Android). Go to “My Contacts.” Chose Filters and filter into your favorite races by selecting. “and can vote in area ___.” Prioritize tight races (shown by flame icon). Start pressing send on texts!

2 Pass VoteWithMe on to your favorite campaign now (or the next time they ask you for money!). Campaigns can use it too. Here’s an email template:

Dear ___:

I’ve been thinking about how I can help X win besides through giving money and came across this tool designed by Obama tech ninjas VoteWithMe that allowed me to, in just a few clicks, find all my friends in your race.

Given that friend to friend comms is 20x more effective than door to door, seems like a great thing for use by your campaign teams when they, eg are on a pizza break, for fans that can’t give, for out of area donors, etc. The campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Susan Wild, and others are using it, and you should too.

Check out this page, specifically this guide for campaigns.