Support the Companies, CEOs and Organizations Fighting the Ban

  • Week of January 29, 2017

Persuading Members of Congress is not the only thing all-of-us can do to fight the Muslim Ban. We need to use every tool in our activism toolkit against this unconstitutional and divisive act of hate.

Here are more strategies:

1. Trump's Business Advisory Council is comprised of 19 CEOs. They are meeting with Trump this Friday, February 3rd. We have created this special tool to make it easy for you to take action and ask Trump's key advisors to stand up against the ban. Modify the twitter message to make it yours. On 2/2 the Uber CEO stepped off the committee. Keep going. Keep it up!

2. We are collaborating with, which is tracking the companies and CEOs that are standing with all-of-us against the ban. Use their tool to thank those who have stood up and encourage those who are silent to speak up. Feel free to use these Tweets:

Thank you [Twitter handle] for being on the right side of history + supporting diversity in our great nation #CEOsAgainstTheBan #WallofUs

Thank you for speaking up for refugees and immigrants [@Twitter Handle]. We applaud your stance. #CEOsAgainstTheBan #WallofUs

We need more great leaders like you to speak out against unfair executive orders. Thank you [@Twitter handle] #CEOsAgainstTheBan #WallofUs

3. If you can, go to a protest. Check this list, or this one. Note that this information is changing.

4. Donate to these organizations to keep fueling the fight:

The Asian Law Caucus Advancing Justice
The Council on American Islamic Relations
International Refugee Assistance Project
National Immigration Law Center