Supercharge Your GOTV with VoteWithMe

  • Week of October 29, 2018

Listen up--it’s go time and we’re banking on you! We will keep this short, just like the runway to election day. All-of-us must phonebank this week. Our friends at Indivisible can hook you up with opportunities here and Mobilize America has more options here.

Too shy to call strangers? You can still make a huge impact by encouraging your friends in tight races to vote using a method that's proven to be 20x more effective than traditional GOTV - friend to friend contact, using the VoteWithMe app. Increase your impact even more by hosting a party and inviting 10 of your closest friends and asking them to bring along their partners. You've just 200Xed your time. How much easier could we make it for you to save democracy?

Here's how:

1 Send an email or text to at least 10 your friends inviting them to get together with you and GOTV with VoteWithMe. You can crib from this text:

"Limited time or money to canvas this weekend? Let's get together and GOTV with this incredible app, VoteWithMe (android, ios) that will let us have the same or even more impact but without all the driving. Let's do this!"

2 Share this with friends and tell them to host their own party.