Breathe, Then Vote!

  • Week of November 4, 2018
“There’s winning, and there’s losing, and in life both will happen. What is never acceptable to me is quitting.”
Magic Johnson

It’s normal to be feeling all the feels on the brink of an election we’ve been working towards for two years -- this may be the most important midterm election in history. We are inspired, we are cautiously optimistic, we are anxious, and let’s be honest some of us may be scared out of our minds. But going into the big game on Tuesday, all-of-us have to get our heads in the game. Yes, we were blindsided in 2016, but this time we are ready, more ready than we’ve ever been.

So, this action is simple:

Keep calm and carry on into Tuesday and beyond. Don’t panic. Take deep breaths. Take the ups with vigor and the downs with logical thinking. Know that no matter what happens, we are right here with you.