Ignite the Political Power in Every Young Woman

  • Week of November 11, 2018

Growing the wave of women in office depends upon supporting the women candidates of tomorrow. And that’s what IGNITE is all about. IGNITE provides training and programs for high school and college women who are committed to running for office one day.

Here is the spark that started IGNITE:

“As a young woman, Dr. Anne Moses, IGNITE’s Founder & President, watched as an all-male Senate judiciary committee eviscerated Anita Hill on national television. At that moment, she realized that until women have equal power, their rights will be ignored. After many years working in the women’s political space, it became clear to Anne that to achieve parity we must reach women younger, to build a pipeline of next-generation leaders who are ready to run for office. And so she started IGNITE, to build political ambition when girls and young women are forming their identities and aspirations, and to forestall the fact that, without a significant intervention, the United States won’t reach gender parity for at least another century.”

All-of-us must learn more about and support IGNITE. Here’s how:

1 Read about IGNITE here, and watch their video.
2 Donate to IGNITE here.
3 Take action in other ways to support IGNITE here.