Call on the Senate to Pass a Clean First Step Act

  • Week of December 20, 2018

Something incredible, that all-of-us have been working on for some time, is happening right now. The Senate is on the verge of bringing to a vote a criminal justice reform bill that has already passed the House. The #FirstStepAct would make common-sense reforms by expanding good time credits, strengthening bonds between prisoners and their families, better preparing inmates for reentry, and retroactively reducing the harsh and unjust disparity between crack and cocaine sentences. It’s a solid first step for bipartisan lawmaking and enacting meaningful #criminaljusticereform.  

Now Republican Tom Cotton is trying to pass poison pill  ☠️  amendments to gut the #FirstStepAct. All-of-us must urge our Senators to pass a clean First Step Act.

Here’s how:

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