Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

  • Week of January 29, 2017

Think you had a bad week?

It has been worse for the many thousands harmed by Trump’s reckless actions.

While we focused on “the Muslim ban” this week we know that Trump’s orders and actions also hurt our scientists (gag order), Native Americans (Dakota Pipeline), immigrants (the stupid wall), the health of millions of Americans (ACA), and Earth (all of the above). And that isn’t even a complete list! Don't worry, we will keep showing you how to step up and “be a good ally” to all of these causes.

But let’s take a quick break from working in the grassroots of today to plant some seeds for tomorrow’s elections. We want to share some good news--there are organizations that were recently formed that will leverage technology so we can rally around candidates who will represent all-of-us. We will walk together towards that blue victory.

For now, all-of-us need to get psyched about these two “long-game” strategies:

1. Sister District pairs citizens with solidly blue districts with a district in another state. Sister District will work on races at the local, state, and national level. In 2017, their focus is “down-ballot on critical state and local races where Demcoratic control hangs in the balance.”  

2. Swing Left pairs citizens in solidly blue districts with the closest congressional district that has a chance of swinging left. Swing Left is focused on taking back the House of Representatives in 2018.  

We will be tracking these groups and integrating them into weekly wall-of-us actions. If you want to hear from them directly, sign up! Sister District can put you to work right away on a local state election in Delaware--if Stephanie Hansen wins the race on February 25th, the Delaware Senate will flip blue!