Shut Trump Down

  • Week of January 21, 2019

Trump’s shutdown is going on 30 days and is officially the longest in our country’s history.

The House has passed a number of funding bills and it’s time for the Senate to act. But recent scary news is that Senate offices are reporting an uptick in pro-wall calls from constituents (yes, you read that right). They’re urging their senators to cut a deal to end the shutdown by including funding for the border wall. We can’t let them lose their resolve. Democratic Senators must refuse to sign any bill (including one that cuts a deal on border security) until the government is reopened, and Republican Senators must pass the House funding bills to reopen our government. All-of-us must make sure that our government gets reopened and Trump -- and his racism -- get shut down.

Here’s how:

Use this resource from our friends at Indivisible and take action today. Take note that there is a national coordinated action on Wednesday, January 23, National Call Day, so get your dialing fingers ready.