Stay Vigilant

  • Week of January 29, 2019

“He promised a wall. He will be stopped by a Wall-of-Us!” (Wall-of-Us - November, 2016)

We all had a little extra pep in our step on Friday after Trump finally caved (#CaveMan!) and agreed to end the longest shutdown in history (that CNN footage of the pre-dawn FBI raid and arrest of Trump crony Roger Stone wasn’t too bad either, amirite?). But the 3-week stopgap funding bill is cold comfort to 800,000 federal workers, since Trump has already threatened to close the government again if he doesn’t get what he wants.

All-of-us must stay vigilant -- and make sure our MoCs do too.

Here’s how:

Continue to use this resource from our friends at Indivisible and take action today. In brief: the ask for Democratic Senators: THANK YOU! And keep it up. The government reopened with no new funding for the wall, and we should thank Democrats (minus Joe Manchin) for keeping strong to make sure that happened. The ask for Republican Senators: No new wall money. Keep the government open.