Fight the Fake National Emergency

  • Week of February 19, 2019

Last week while all-of-us were spreading the (Valentine’s Day) love, Trump unsurprisingly chose to spew more hate. In an extraordinary attempt to bypass Congress’s constitutionally granted power of the purse, he declared a fake national emergency to get his wall funding and plans to siphon a whopping $8 billion from the Defense and Treasury Departments. Over this President’s Day weekend there were over 250 marches across the country protesting this unprecedented and dangerous abuse of presidential power.

This is not okay - morally or constitutionally. All-of-us must fight Trump’s wall of hate and fight to preserve our constitutional separation of powers.

Here’s how:

1 Ask your MoCs to support and vote for a joint resolution against the national emergency.

2 Ask your MoCs to demand a legal challenge to Trump's executive overreach.

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