Take a Stand With Tom’s Against Gun Violence

  • Week of February 19, 2019

Nearly one year ago on February 14, we stood with the victims of the tragic Parkland shooting and vowed to fight gun violence. We kept that promise by electing a record number of Democrats who promised to fight the NRA. But there are many tools in our activism tool-kit. Wall-of-Us has always applauded companies with the courage to take a stand on social issues.

This week we’re featuring the leadership of Tom’s shoes, which has joined the fight against gun violence. Tom’s $5 million donation, the largest corporate contribution toward ending gun violence in the history of the U.S., will go to organizations working to end gun violence in this country. Tom’s is partnering with Moms Demand Action, The Black and Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium, March for Our Lives and Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence.

All-of-us must support Tom’s activism and keep taking a stand against gun violence.  

Here’s how:

1 Read about Tom’s campaign here

2 Send a postcard to your representative on Tom’s website here

3 Share this campaign!