Tell Your MoC to Vote Down the Fake National Emergency

  • Week of February 27, 2019

Here’s how the House voted on the joint resolution to block Trump’s fake national emergency.

You can see who the 13  Republicans who voted in favor of the bill are here. The Senate is up next, and, while Senate Republicans have a math problem on their hands, we have to keep the pressure on. Trump will most definitely veto the impending resolution, and it would take a Congressional supermajority to override his veto. Given the Senate’s track record, that outcome is unlikely. Even still, it matters that we take a stand against this abuse of presidential power -- and demand that our MoC’s do the same.

All-of-us must tell our MoC’s fight to preserve their (legislative) power of the purse and the constitutional separation of powers.

Here’s how:

1 Review Indivisible’s helpful overview.

2 Then call your MoCs and ask them to vote for the joint resolution terminating the national emergency. While you are at it, demand that they begin investigation and legal challenges to the executive overreach.