Release the Report

  • Week of March 30, 2019

Talk about anticlimactic. After two years of putting our complete faith in one elusive human man, it seems like he was not quite the mythical-unicorn-god-emperor-savior we all held him up to be. Well, um, yea. So let’s take a breath, come back down to reality, and take a look at the current situation on earth. Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General took less than 48 hours with Mueller’s report to decisively conclude that there was no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia and that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute obstruction of justice. But he also said that Trump was not exonerated on obstruction. There’s more to the story here, and inquiring minds want to know.

Congress - and all-of-us - deserve to see the underlying evidence that justifies (or doesn’t justify) the Trump Justice Department’s hasty decision not to prosecute Trump for obstruction of justice. So let’s get at it - and remember that the power of all-of-us is so much more than the power of any one man.

Here’s how:

1 In a 420-0 vote, the House of Representatives recently agreed that the Mueller report should be transparent. Tell your MoC to stick to it -- and that the American people demand to see the full report.

2 Tell your MoC to continue investigations in Congress to hold Trump accountable. The scope of Mueller’s investigation was narrow compared to other ongoing investigations on Trump. Trump’s abuses of power and the corruption of his administration is clear and the new Democratic House has already launched wide-ranging investigations to hold him accountable. These investigations should continue to be supported.