It’s Our Turn to Investigate

  • Week of April 22, 2019

Trump’s Attorney General did a predictable song and dance at his press conference this week releasing the (heavily redacted) Mueller report, offering (heavily edited) statements about it’s conclusions. Just another attempt to bar(r) the people from getting the truth. Now it’s Congress’ turn to get all the facts and investigate Trump to the fullest extent of its oversight powers. House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerry Nadler jumped into the game issuing a subpoena for the full unredacted Mueller report and AOC signed onto Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment investigation. That’s a good start. But all-of-us must make sure all MoCs (especially those who sit on relevant committees like Judiciary or Intelligence) get in the game too -- by fully leveraging their subpoena power to uncover the full Mueller report and pursuing investigations related to Trump’s corruption.

Here’s how:

1 Make a call to your MoC and tell them to co-sponsor Rep. Tlaib's impeachment resolution (H.Res. 257) and begin investigating whether Trump should be impeached. You can use this tool and script from Indivisible.

2 Send an email to support Rep. Tlaib’s impeachment resolution. Write up an email yourself, or use this suggested text and tool from our friends at Indivisible.

3 Get some face time with your MoC and ask them to support Rep. Tlaib’s resolution. It’s April recess until April 26 and your MoCs are in an office near you. Find an event at the Townhall Project or using this tool from Indivisible.