Get Inspiring Content in Front of Blue Voters in VA

  • Week of September 16, 2019
Of the many lessons of 2016, all-of-us learned that the power of social media, digital advertising, and targeted and persuasive content was being cleverly leveraged against us, to a devastating end. It's time to fight fire with fire. 

That’s why local SF documentary filmmakers Mission Pictures partnered with The People Pac as part of their Statehouse Initiative video project for the 2018 elections, making 16 campaign videos for state house candidates in Michigan. Eight of those candidates won their races, and three of those wins were flips. Here are some of their (winning) Michigan candidates to inspire you:

Sheryl Kennedy (MI 48th District)
Laurie Pohutsky (MI 19th District)
Padma Kuppa (MI 41st District)

Like all-of-us, the Mission Pictures crew is back at it again. They just got back to the Bay after filming 5 candidates in Virginia for their upcoming 2019 election. Both the Virginia State Senate and House are within two seats of flipping, and with a court redrawn map, chances are better than they've ever been. In fact, here’s what a GOP operative has said about Virginia’s upcoming election: “Here’s my message to Republicans: if you don’t do something (on gun control), you’re going to get annihilated in the suburbs in 2019. And that’s the end of Republicans in Virginia for a generation.” Sounds good to us!

Let's help Mission Pictures and the People Pac continue their work in Virginia, using great videos to get more Blue voters to the polls.

Here's how: