Impeachment Recess

  • Week of September 27, 2019

Members of Congress are heading home to their districts for the October recess, and all-of-us are going to let them enjoy a restful and festive autumnal break when our democracy is facing an existential threat in the White House. Um, kidding! We are gonna use the next two weeks to get on the MoCs who haven’t yet committed to impeachment (and to thank and encourage those who already have).

Here’s how:

1 Check this listing of who supports an impeachment inquiry to see where your MoCs stand.

2 Then find a town hall or event in your district at and attend.

3 No event in your district? No problem. Just pay a visit on your own (or bring a friend or two!) or call your MoC. Log into your Wall-of-Us account to view your MoC information.

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