Honor Indigenous People’s Day

  • Week of October 14, 2019

Just in time for this week’s federal holiday, the District of Columbia voted to join a growing number of cities and states to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day. As Governor Mills of Maine said when her state joined this growing coalition back in April, “Our history is by no means perfect. But, for too long, it has been written and presented in a way that fails to acknowledge our shortcomings. There is power in a name and in who we choose to honor.” Columbus may have sailed the ocean blue, but that was in 1492 and in 2019 all-of-us should know better.  

Let’s support the movement to honor Indigenous People. 

Here’s how:

1 Educate yourself by learning more about Indigenous People’s Day here and here.

2 Delve deeper by understanding a little more about land rights here.

3 If your city and/or state is continuing to celebrate Columbus day, ask your officials to advocate for renaming it Indigenous People’s Day.

4 Remember and honor native leaders such as the ones described here.