Help Local Filmmakers Get VA Voters to the Polls

  • Week of October 14, 2019

A few weeks ago, we told you about the partnership between local filmmakers Mission Pictures and The People Pac, working together to use great videos to get more voters to the polls in Virginia. 

Now the crucial Virginia election is just weeks away (November 5), and the NRA and other panicking GOP groups are pouring millions into Virginia. Polls are all trending in the right direction, but all-of-us are going to have to go all in to flip Virginia Blue.

The good news is that the ads Mission Pictures and The People Pac created for Virginia Democratic candidates are all in the field getting great results, and the data coming in is helping them target voters more effectively. In the final stretch they can go as big as donors decide they should go. They estimate that for every $100 dollars donated, 6 more voters will turn out. Considering the Virginia House of Delegates was literally decided last year by drawing names out of a hat, even 6 more Blue voters could bring the ERA to fruition, strengthen voting rights and set the GOP back in Virginia for a generation. Not a bad deal! Let’s help make it happen.

Here’s how:

1 Donate to their Virginia fund to get more placement in front of voters in the home stretch:

2 Learn about their candidates + watch (one of the 4) ads they made for each:

Phil Hernandez:
Phil was born on the Eastern Shore, raised by a mom who used every trick in the book to get by and get the best for her kids. Aside from running a childcare business out of her living room to make ends meet, she also took them to all the restaurants where kids ate free. Because of her dedication and support, Phil was able to excel in school, and that was his ticket. He eventually became an environmental policy expert in the Obama administration, where he worked with people all over the country and from both parties to encourage clean energy jobs. Eventually, he realized that he could best be of service to the district where he was raised, and would be proud to serve the 100th.  

Karen Mallard:
In a district that cares deeply about education, Karen has been a dedicated teacher for more than 21 years. In fact, when she graduated from a teaching school, her retired coalminer dad said “Hey, maybe I can be your first student.” So, from the start, she saw what the impact of education could be not just on individuals, but entire families. She grew up poor, a daughter of hardworking parents, and understood how resources are allocated differently for folks who are already underresourced. She also experienced how education can pull you out of any circumstance, and became an educator herself out of that knowledge and passion to give back. But she kept running into all kinds of policy issues that were inhibiting the education of her students, and realized that she needed to run for office to overcome those obstacles. 

Lindsey Dougherty:
Lindsey was driven in large part to run for office by struggling with insurance companies over the treatment of her child, who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Instead of focusing on all the things a family should be focusing on when a child is ill, she instead spent countless hours arguing with insurance companies over whether her child’s treatments were covered. She realized that there were lots of families like hers, and that it was the larger system that needed changing. Now she’s a tireless campaigner, has knocked on more doors than almost anyone in the state.   

Martha Mugler:
Martha has lived in her district nearly her entire life, and has been a school board member for 10 years, continuing her lifelong dedication to enriching the lives of children. She describes herself as a pragmatic progressive, and considering who she's running against, that's pretty radical! Her opponent Colleen Holcomb is a VP at The Eagle Forum, a group started by Phyllis Schlafly (yes, her!) to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment. They've "evolved" to take further stances, like blaming mass shootings on absent fathers.