Ask Your Employer to Make Election Day a Company Holiday

  • Week of October 29, 2019

Unlike many countries, election day is not a federal holiday in the U.S. Worse, there isn’t even a federal law requiring employers to allow employees time off to vote! While the majority of states have some protection for employees, the laws vary by state and often defer to employers. But there’s some hope because the private sector is increasingly stepping in and stepping up and encouraging their employees to vote by making Tuesday, November 6 a company holiday. All-of-us must increase the number of employers joining this movement.

Here’s how: 

1 Get educated about why election day isn’t a holiday in the U.S. here.

2 If you work for a company, ask your employer to make election day a company holiday and share the resources from with your HR department/company leadership.

3 If your company isn’t willing to give employees election day off, don’t stop there. Convince your company to encourage employees to take time to vote on election day. 

4 Retweet mentions of #electiondayholiday and follow @ElectionDayOff