Spread the Love to Spread the Vote

  • Week of October 29, 2019
We are the only advanced democracy that makes it deliberately difficult for people to vote.
-President Barack Obama 

All-of-us know that there are powerful forces at play making it difficult for people to register to vote. For many, the simple step of getting the IDs they need to vote is an insurmountable barrier. But Spread the Vote is working hard to change all that and by helping disenfranchised people get the IDs they need to vote. All-of-us must spread the love to Spread the Vote.

Here’s how:

1 Educate yourself on the barriers many face by learning about Spread the Vote here.

2 Join a state chapter for key swing states here.

3 Spread the word about spread the vote by sharing this action and following Spread The Vote at @SpreadTheVoteUS.