Tip Wisco Blue in 2020

  • Week of November 4, 2019

Things will be tipping in Wisconsin in 2020 (and we don’t mean cows).

Wisconsin could be the tipping point state in 2020. Wisconsin’s Democratic Party Chair, Ben Wikler explains and sets the stage: 

“Think about Election Day: November 3, 2020. If it's close, if there's a single state that determines who wins, just about every analysis says it'll be Wisconsin. What does "tipping-point" state mean? Take all the states where Trump is *less* popular than Wisconsin, and it’s not enough to win the Electoral College. All the states where he’s *more* popular than Wisconsin: also not enough to win the Electoral College. 

WI tips the balance. Most likely, whoever wins Wisconsin in 2020 becomes president. 

Trump won Wisconsin last time by 22,748 votes. He expects our side to be fired up. So he's shooting higher. He's planning to DOUBLE the field campaign he ran last time. He's already brought on 14 field staff in WI, running multiple field trainings a week. WI license plates say "America's Dairyland." But the backup slogan is "Home of the nailbiter." 3 of WI's last 5 prez winners came in with margins under 1%. Last year's governor's race: 1.1%. State Supreme Court race this spring: 0.5%, just 5,960 votes. Those are field margins. Trump is carpeting the state with digital ads to find supporters, and channeling them into his field operation. He thinks he has a year's head start before we get a nominee.

But the truth is, he's behind. Why? Because of you. Us. The millions of us, ready to fight. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker thought he'd broken us. He and the Koch Brothers and Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan had flooded the state with dark money, smashed unions, suppressed voters. They thought they'd turned Wisconsin red. But we fought back. And in 2018, we won. We did it by organizing. Neighbor to neighbor. Block to block. Our field program started in the spring of 2017, and built up 250 neighborhood teams on the ground by election day last year. Then the GOP woke up. Started copying our model. So we hit the gas. 

Now, with #1Year2Win, we're pushing the gas pedal through the floor—with the biggest canvassing push, this far from e-day, that our state's ever seen. 50k doors by Nov 3. 1618 volunteers already signed up. Can you help us find 1618 donors to support them?” 

All-of-us have got you covered, Wisco friends. We'll make sure the scales tip in (y)our favor in Wisconsin in 2020. 

Here’s how:

1 Donate to Wisconsin’s #1Year2Win campaign here https://secure.actblue.com/donate/1year2win?refcode=f-1year-00

2 If you live in Wisconsin, within driving distance, or want to fly in, come help knock doors. You can sign up at http://wisdems.org/2020