Protect Dreamers by Removing Dream-Killers from Office

  • Week of November 13, 2019

Happy belated Veterans’ Day! Apropos of the holiday, for the next few weeks we will honor Captain Mark Kelly, a retired U.S. Navy combat pilot and NASA astronaut. As if that weren’t awesome enough, he’s also married to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, and they founded Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence

In case you haven’t heard, Captain Mark Kelly is running as a Democrat for one of Arizona’s two Senate seats, and his victory is closer than a moonshot. His race is currently a “toss up.” He is trying to unseat Republican incumbent Senator Martha McSally, who was appointed to the seat previously held by GOP senator and veteran John McCain after losing her own 2018 election against now Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.  

This week, we will focus on Captain Mark Kelly’s fight to preserve DACA recipients’ rights.   

On November 12, the Supreme Court took up the narrow legal question of whether the Trump Administration provided an adequate explanation for ending the DACA program. It’s a very technical legal issue and, based on reporting thus far about the Justices’ questions, the situation looks grim for Dreamers. The fate of DACA has always been murky because President Obama created it by executive order. That’s why Congress must pass binding legislation to protect Dreamers. Unfortunately, the Senate is currently dominated by the dream-killing GOP. 

Captain Mark Kelly is trying to change that:

Captain Mark Kelly’s opponent, Senator Martha McSally, has reneged on her promise to Dreamers for the sake of political expediency. She won Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ House seat not long after the Tucson shooting. While representing a district in the House that extended from Tucson to the Mexico border where DACA was relatively popular, she co-sponsored legislation to put some of the DACA protections into law. But she abruptly reversed her position after announcing her (unsuccessful) bid for the Senate seat now held by Senator Kyrsten Sinema because the issue did not poll favorably among Republican voters statewide. In other words, Senator McSally threw the Dreamers under the bus.  

All-of-us need to support Captain Mark Kelly because he will save the Dreamers from this nightmare. 

Here’s how:

1 Learn more about Mark Kelly here.

2 Donate to Mark Kelly’s campaign here  **IMPORTANT - Act Blue will automatically split this donation with Wall-of-Us but our strong preference is that you donate 100% to Mark Kelly's campaign. This form simply allows us to track the success of our campaign in support of candidates and there is currently no other way to do that. So please reallocate your donation amounts manually with $0 to Wall-of-Us. Yup, we mean that! We are an all volunteer effort and we promise to ask for funds for us when we need to.