Join Stacey Abrams in Her Fight to End Voter Suppression

  • Week of November 13, 2019
Like the poll taxes and literacy tests of the Jim Crow era, modern voter suppression efforts are relentless and effective.
- from A Fair Vote, on "Why We Fight"

Stacey Abrams, who was running last year to be the first Black female governor in the U.S., won more votes than any other Democrat has ever won for statewide office in Georgia. Like, ever. 

All-of-us fell in love with Stacey Abrams, a graduate of Yale Law School who is both a tax lawyer and a romance novelist (we know!). Her narrow loss broke our hearts, particularly since current Governor Kemp campaigned as an anti-abortionist and signed the heartbeat bill, H.B. 481 into law in May. One thing is clear -- Abrams lost because of voter suppression, an issue she is on the frontlines of fighting today. All-of-us must help Stacey Abrams ensure that future fights for office are fair. 

Here’s how:

1 Read this New Yorker article about Stacey Abrams & A Fair Vote

2 Learn more about A Fair Vote here. Share, donate, and get involved!