Stop the Senate from Dismissing a Hearing on Impeachment

  • Week of November 13, 2019

The public impeachment hearings began this week on Tuesday, and, as reported by Axios, we learned something new….

Well, new but not-so-new. While Bill Taylor's revelations were a surprise, it's no surprise that Trump put US national security interests at peril for his own personal and political gain. 

It is also no surprise that many GOP senators, led by Mitch, are scheming to immediately dismiss any articles of impeachment passed by the House against Trump through a motion to dismiss, effectively cutting off an impeachment trial by the Senate. Sad truth is that Republicans need just 51 votes to do this and there are currently 53 Republican senators. But there's hope! The Republicans currently don't have the votes, as Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx) recently confirmed. Some Republican senators, such as Senator Cornyn believe that,  “In the end, we need to have a process that the American people think was fair...” Obviously...

All-of-Us must ensure that the Articles of Impeachment aren't dead on arrival to the Senate.

Here's how:

1 If you have a Republican senator(s), call them and urge them to vote against any Motion to Dismiss the impeachment hearings.

2 If you have only blue senators, kick back and have an impeachment cocktail. Recipes available here