Practice Gratitude

  • Week of November 26, 2019

I asked my nine-year-old daughter to help all-of-us reflect on why we should be grateful and here’s what she had to say:

“We have come so far and we should be grateful for our success over the past three years. These successes include winning the House in 2016 and starting to impeach Trump! We should also be grateful because we have an election coming up, which will give us the opportunity to elect a President who can change what has happened over the past three years. We also have four women candidates running for President!”
That’s a lot to be grateful for, but we’re not done yet. We are grateful for all-of-us and for the opportunity to continue to rock it together as we head into November 3, 2020 (on which day we will gobble gobble the GOP right up…)!

Happy Thanksgiving from Wall-of-Us.