Get Devin Nunes to Moooooooove on!

  • Week of November 26, 2019

As the impeachment hearings revealed, Devin Nunes will protect Trump until the cows come home. Just today we learned about Nunes’ shady meeting with a Ukrainian official. Until we mooooooooove on to greener (or Bluer) pastures there is an udderly hilarious Twitter handle that all-of-us must follow. Have you HERD of @DevinCow? It’s a fake cow that Devin Nunes is literally suing in hopes of trying to stop @DevinCow from exposing his bull. Problem is, the lawsuit just made more people want to follow @DevinCow, which now has 662.3K followers (and counting!). 

As a recent article in Above the Law (which is what Nunes thinks he is) summarized:

"Rep. Devin Nunes remains super angry about a satirical internet cow. Earlier this year, we wrote about his lawsuit against the satirical cow on Twitter (and against Twitter itself) as well as a bunch of other lawsuits Nunes has been filing against critics in the intervening months. The cases appear to be fairly obvious SLAPP lawsuits; that is lawsuits that are designed solely to silence critics, rather than based on any legitimate legal basis."

Holy Cow! And yes, we will keep milking this one. All-of-us must make hay while the sun shines and keep advocating for more cowbell (for SNL fans who missed it, it made a comeback this week!).

Here’s how:

1 Follow @DevinCow here and PLEASE share. 

2 Send some Moola to Devin Nunes’ opponent Phil Arballo here -- Nunes isn’t calf the man that Arballo is.