Support Captain Mark Kelly, An Advocate for Gun Violence Prevention

  • Week of November 26, 2019

Let’s look on the bright side. The impeachment proceedings have finally revealed a type of gun that Republicans want to protect the public from -- SMOKING GUNS! In contrast, Democrats continue to fight for sensible gun control, which is, of course, what the overwhelming majority of Americans want. 

Former astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, who is running as a Democrat for one of Arizona’s two Senate seats, has been on the frontlines of gun violence prevention for years. You may recall that his wife, Congresswoman Giffords was tragically shot, prompting Mark Kelly and Congresswoman Giffords to launch their organization Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence.

Arizona is currently a toss-up and Captain Mark Kelly has denounced corporate PAC money. All-of-us need to pitch in to support Captain Mark Kelly because he will fight for sensible gun reform. 

Here’s how:

1 Learn more about Captain Mark Kelly here.

2 Donate to Captain Mark Kelly’s campaign here.