Support Mark Kelly on Giving Tuesday!

  • Week of December 3, 2019

This #GivingTuesday all-of-us must ensure that we commit to the blue wave. For the past two weeks we have been telling you all about Captain Mark Kelly, who is running for Senate in Arizona. A win would put a patriotic veteran back into the seat once held by Senator John McCain. We can make a real difference by supporting Captain Kelly. He renounced corporate PAC money, FiveThirtyEight says the race is a toss-up, and a win in Arizona is essential to give Democrats control of the Senate.  

Captain Kelly is a Navy pilot and NASA astronaut who traveled to space four times:

Through 25 years in the Navy and at NASA, I learned how to solve really tough problems, and I also learned to get along with and lead people from different backgrounds and different opinions in service of a greater mission. 

He is married to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot at a political event in Tucson in 2011. Captain Kelly and Congresswoman Giffords founded and now lead Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence. In addition to advocating for sensible measures to reduce gun violence, Captain Kelly would support Dreamers by fighting for a pathway to citizenship and address climate change with bold policies. But now he needs our support.

Here’s how:

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