Get Fired Up in 2020

  • Week of January 1, 2020

All-of-us started on this journey on November 20, 2016, just twelve days after Trump lost the popular vote but was elected president. Since then, we’ve flipped red state legislatures blue, taken control of the House of Representatives, impeached Trump, prevented him from building his stupid hateful wall, and sent Senator Elizabeth Warren a gigantic Valentine’s Day card in 2017 signed by 10,000 Wall-of-Us readers (okay, kind of a stalker move).

Last night we marked the end of the decade. To ensure that our planet and republic survive the next decade, today we must start counting down to November 3rd. You can count on Wall-of-Us to take you across the finish line. You’ll hear from us next week and every week until election day 2020. But we need to count on you, too. We can’t afford to be looking back on this election with 20/20 hindsight. 

Today, all-of-us must make a New Years’ Resolution to do more to ensure that Trump loses in 2020, and the Democrats take control of the Senate. 

Happy New Year and get ready to fire it up in 2020!