Get Local

  • Week of February 4, 2017

Though we’re all keeping our eye on Washington, most of the action this past week was outside of the Capitol - at airports, in state legislatures, and in city halls. As state and city attorneys from the states of California, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Washington file suits against Trump’s orders, the battleground is moving from the White House to the court house.

That’s because, although the President may have the pen (to write executive orders) and the pulpit, it is cities and states that have the power--to implement (or not) the policies that are handed down.  

Local engagement and support down the ballot will be crucial as we look to 2018 and beyond.

All-of-us must get engaged, and now.

Here’s how:

1. Get educated on the connections between local and national politics. This article on gerrymandering, from our friends at Sister District, is a good start.

2. Look up your list of elected officials (including local officials) here. Take a screenshot, or print it out and put it in a place where you can keep it handy. 

3. Sign up at to get notified about local meetings. When we did, using the free option, this is what happened: a page popped up with a list of municipality meetings in the zip code we entered. We clicked on one of the meetings, and presto! -- instant access to the date, time, location, and agenda of the meeting. Pretty awesome.