Final Hour Push for a Fair Impeachment Trial

  • Week of January 14, 2020

The House is slated to vote today on whether to send their articles of impeachment to the Senate. McConnell could bring a Senate vote on the impeachment trial rules as early as tomorrow (Wednesday). So we have just one more day to demand the Senate reject a witness-free sham “trial.” And our appeals must be working because there’s reporting that four Republicans are wavering on the issue of calling witnesses -- and four converts are all we need to get a simple majority. 

Let’s keep the pressure on in the final hour to ensure a real and fair impeachment trial.

Here’s how:

1 Call your Senators ASAP and tell them you expect them to conduct a real trial in the Senate, which includes fact-finding and examining crucial witnesses like Bolton. Indivisible broke it down really well here if you need talking points.

2 If you live in a blue state, share this action widely on social media and with red and purple state allies so they can call their senators too!

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