Join the 2020 Women’s March on January 18

  • Week of January 14, 2020

Since our first Women’s March in 2017, time has done strange things. For some of us, it has seemed like an eternity. For others, the blink of an eye. Still others, a cruel, inescapable purgatory. (Or maybe all of these at once - we get it.) Whichever it has been for you, this weekend all-of-us have gotta snap out of it, dust off those amazing signs, lace up our marching shoes, and get with our ladies. In the words of the Women’s March team:

“Three years of marching, training, organizing, and building power – it’s all been leading up to this. In 2020, we have the chance to strengthen the movement we started three years and to unite together in the face of continued attacks on our bodies, our rights, our immigrant communities, and our planet. 

This year, we aren’t just marching. We’re putting our bodies on the line hand in hand with other mass movements. 

With your help, we can make this the largest day of action the country has ever seen, and demand that our leaders be held accountable, protect our planet, and fight for our rights.”

All-of-us must support the Women’s March.

Here’s how:

Go to the Women’s March website to get the details on the march in Washington, or to find a Sister March in your city.