Renew the Hope and the Fight for Witnesses

  • Week of January 27, 2020
“What is it they’ve sent us? Hope.” 
-Princess Leia, Star Wars

The impeachment proceedings were struck by a bolt(on) of lightning when the New York Times reported that Trump’s former security advisor confirmed that Trump conditioned the $400 million in security aid to Ukraine on an investigation of the Bidens. 

These new developments got (so-called) “moderate” Republicans squirming, and its kinda fun to watch. Case in point: 

More votes on allowing witnesses and documents will happen this week. As of now, the trial timeline is as follows: Trump’s lawyers will wrap up their arguments either today or tomorrow. That will be followed by questions from Senators. On Wednesday or Thursday, Schumer is expected to offer a motion to call witnesses, including Bolton, and admit newly found documents. Grassroots pressure has forced Republicans to compromise on several aspects of this trial -- we can’t let them off the hook now. 

All-of-us must keep up the fight for witnesses and a fair impeachment trial.

Here’s how:

1 If your Senator is a Republican, call them and tell them that you expect them to conduct a real trial in the Senate, which includes fact-finding and examining crucial witnesses like Bolton. Indivisible broke it down really well here if you need talking points.

2 If you live in a blue state, share this action widely on social media and with red and purple state allies so they can call their senators too!

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