It’s Payback Time

  • Week of January 27, 2020

Our friends at Indivisible just announced their newest project: pay back all those Republican senators who, throughout the impeachment process and beyond, have shown they are all too willing to throw our democracy under the bus to protect their president and their own interests. Sound good? Yea, we thought so, too. Here’s Indivisible with more: 

“[Republicans] have done a lot more damage than just refusing to remove [Trump]. They’ve voted time after time to consolidate power in the hands of a few and to make our society less democratic so they can keep their jobs (because, let’s be honest, they know their policies are unpopular, so they need to cheat to win). We’re tired of it. And we’ve spent the last three years building the kind of movement that can take these senators -- and the money machines behind them -- head on. So it’s time for payback. We’re going to vote them out of office -- and we’ve got a million-dollar strategy to do it. We’re going to target nine of the worst Republican senators, who’ve spent the last three years enabling Trump and holding back progressive change:

McSally, AZ
Collins, ME
Gardner, CO
Tillis, NC
Perdue, GA
Graham, SC
Ernst, IA
Cornyn, TX
McConnell, KY
And we have a four-step plan to defeat them ...”

To everything there is a season -- and it's long past the season of forgiveness. So are you ready to get some payback?

Here’s how:

Learn more about the strategy here + donate.