Reflect + Recommit to All-of-Us

  • Week of February 14, 2020

Remember back in 2017 when we were so fired up with patriotic passion that we made two huge hand-painted Valentine’s with 10,000+ names on it and had Alysia Reiner (of Orange is the New Black) and other Wall-of-Us volunteers hand-deliver it to Elizabeth Warren at both her local and DC offices? You can reminisce here. Ah, those heady early days.


We are sure that card is hanging above the Senator’s mantle. And speaking of mantles, no-matter which Democratic candidate claims the mantle of the party, let’s be sure to keep the love going strong for him/her into November! There’s no room for haters.

Look, all-of-us have been in this thing together for more than 3 years, and while our wild lustiness may have cooled a bit, our commitment to you (and our country) has only grown stronger. Take a moment today to reflect on (y)our journey, and recommit to this next stretch. We’ll need all our hearts to be full and ready to do whatever it takes to win back our democracy.