Celebrate the Resistance We Have Built, Brick-by-Brick

  • Week of February 4, 2017

You've marched, you've showed up, you’ve called, you've posted, and tweeted. Keep voting - with your feet, your communications, your wallet, and your heart. Why? Because it is working! Congressional staffers are counting every email, every phone call, and looking at every tweet. Companies are paying attention to what their customers, employees, and investors are doing. Local media is questioning their coverage and getting real. 

When you are running a marathon (we know, it has felt like sprint), it is heartening to see those mileposts that show you how far you’ve come. That’s why we’re launching a new feature, “brick-by-brick,” to show you how our Wall-of-Us is making measurable progress in protecting our American values.

All-of-us must:

1. Check out Brick By Brick.

2. Then, take a moment to stand in awe of the force that has been unleashed. Get pumped up, then get right back to work by attacking the next 3 actions for this week.