Ask Trump's Economic Advisors to Stand Up Against the Muslim Ban

  • Week of February 4, 2017

Never underestimate the power you have as a consumer--divestments and boycotts have always fueled resistance movements. That’s why Wall-of-Us has teamed up with AdStrike. This week we have created a targeted social media and email campaign directed at the members of Trump’s Business Advisory Council. 

This strategy is working already. In response to pressure by consumers (#DeleteUber), Uber CEO Travis Kalanik stepped down from the advisory council and made a firm statement against the Muslim Ban. Sleeping Giants reports that Uber has also removed its ads from Breitbart. 

The other 18 CEOs remain on the council and only 2 of them have spoken up. These CEOs may want to stay silent so they can make “a deal with The Donald.” But that's a risky bargain. We must show them that if they don’t speak up against the Muslim Ban, they will face a Wall-of-Us. 

Here’s how:

1. Go to the special Wall-of-Us + AdStrike page where you will find easy-to-send emails and Tweets. Just click the icons. Let these CEOs know that all-of-us want them to make a public statement against the Muslim Ban.* If the email templates aren't working for you, please see the email addresses here

Expert Tip: If you sign up for AdStrike, sync your social media account, and select wall-of-us in your "campaign settings," AdStrike will auto-post up to four tweets/shares every day for you! Now that's efficient activism.

*We know that not all of you are on social media. If you aren’t, don’t worry, send an email instead. We are adding more templates too! Report back to if you have better contact info/suggestions.